Since 11 January 2024 the definitive anti-dumping duties imposed by the EU Commission on imports of non-alloy steel bead flats originating in both countries are the result of an investigation initiated in November 2022.

Image source: Pixabay

The bead flat steel used in particular in shipbuilding is classified under the following customs tariff number:

CN code ex 7216 50 91 (TARIC code 7216509110)

The definitive anti-dumping duty applicable to imports of the mentioned product from China at the European Union border is 23 percent. In the case of Turkey, the duty rate of the provisional implementing regulation of 12 July 2023 is adopted, which amounts to 13.6 percent of the net price.

In addition, the amounts of security services at the level of the anti-dumping duty, which had to be paid for the affected products since the provisional implementing regulation, will be definitively collected. The reason given for this is the size of the injury suffered by the industry within the EU. The anti-dumping measures are valid for five years.

Sources: DIHK (German), GTAI (German)