The Carnet ATA customs document accepted in many countries, which is used for the temporary export/re-import of certain goods from/to the EU, is affected by some changes.

  • Image Source: Pixabay

    Israel: The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has been informed by the Israeli guarantor that the re-export deadline for carnets that expired between 8 October and 31 December 2023 will be automatically extended by a further 3 months, provided that the goods to be exported are in Israel. This is due to the current situation in the country.

  • Peru: From 30 April 2024, the Lima Chamber of Commerce will become the 79th member of the international guarantee chain.
  • Storage of Carnets: The IHK keeps carnets for 3 years after expiry of the re-export deadline. In the following 3 months, you can have the carnets handed over by the IHK in order to archive those.



Source: DIHK (German)