The main task of the European Single Access Point (abbreviated to: ESAP) will be to collate the data that is already available in some areas of financial services, capital markets and sustainability-related information from companies on the central portal and thus make it freely accessible to public.

Image source: Pixabay

The information recorded by the collection centers of the respective Member State is to be supplemented in future by further mandatory and voluntary information.

This comprehensive transparency should make small and medium-sized enterprises more lucrative for potential investors, but science, research and the public will also benefit from largely free access to the valuable data sets.




          Outlook on some functions of ESAP:

  • User-friendly web portal with API interface for collection centers
  • Download function for small and large data sets
  • Search function in all languages of the Union; data viewer
  • Notification service for NEWS about the portal (from
    10 July 2028 at the latest)

The new platform should go online for the first time by summer 2027 at the latest.

More detailed information can be found in Regulations (EU) 2023/2859 and (EU) 2023/2869, published on 20 December 2023 (Official Journal of the European Union).

Sources: DIHK, EU Parliament