The import controls of products of animal origin into EU have been massively increased since 21.04.2021. For a large part of these goods, the presentation of a GGED-P (Official Certificate of Entry of Specified Food or Feed into the Union) is now obligatory.

There are no exemption limits for which the need for a CDR-P does not apply.

Also, the previous rule that a certain percentage of processed products of animal origin is important no longer exists.


Source: Official Journal L 132/24 of 19th April 2021 IMPLEMENTING REGULATION (EU) 2021/632 of 13th April 2021

Editorial comment:

While our last publication (Regulation 2021/608) referred to the tightened controls of possible residues of mycotoxins, pesticides and other pesticides in food and animal feed, this tightening is based on possible animal pathogens.