We are a team…

  • made out of professional experts
  • in case of demand we act for your matter 24 hours a day
  • and our competence goes far away beyond any other similar service offices
  • Company Fundation 1998
  • Employees exclusively trained management assistants for freight forwarding and bachelor professional of freight traffic and logistics (CCI)

These are your ventures…

  • we dare your chance of a first step in a new market
  • together with us, you will defeat any kind of trade obstacle either based on custom tariff or not
  • forget your frontiers at present – we will expand the scope of your export market

This is our experience…

  • to dispose, coordinate and optimise the courses of transportation under attention of German Law and regulations is our intention. We consult payments agreement, trade terms and conditions of delivery and therefore we avoid all cases of financial difficulties.

your product + our competence = your maximum profit