Supposedly on behalf of the European Commission/European Justice Portal/Directorate-General for Justice and Consumers, companies are currently being written to and asked to pay an administrative fee pursuant to Directive 2012/17/EU to a Belgian account.

Neither the EU Commission nor the ejusticePortal or the European Business Register Interconnection System (BRIS) send out notices requesting payment for the “establishment and interconnection of the business record”. This was also confirmed to the CCI organisation by the EU Commission.

If your company receives fake invoices, do not pay them.

Note: This information is only intended to provide initial advice in a clear form and therefore does not claim to be complete. Although it has been prepared with the greatest possible care, no liability can be accepted for the accuracy of its content.

Source: Chamber of Commerce Augsburg (German language only) Warnung vor falschen Zahlungsaufforderungen durch EU-Kommission – IHK Schwaben