The customs declaration program “CHIEF” will be switched off in the coming months. The new IT application “Customs Declaration Service” (CDS) is to completely replace the old system.

UK Customs HMRC has announced that it will switch to CDS. To date, the CHIEF and CDS systems have been used in parallel. HMRC is asking companies to prepare for the transition and switch to CDS as soon as possible.

Conversion in two steps

The electronic submission of customs declarations for import processes will only be possible via CDS from 1 October 2022. From 1 April 2023, CHIEF will also be switched off for export, so that export customs declarations must then also be made via CDS.

Benefits of CDS

CHIEF has served the Kingdom well for almost 30 years, writes HMCR. In order to be prepared for future demands, however, a change is necessary.

CDS promises to be more reliable, flexible and efficient compared to CHIEF, according to the HMCR. The program is also an important building block in the context of the UK’s Trade and Growth Agenda and the UK 2025 Borders Strategy.


Source: HM Venue & Customs