Turkey has imposed protective duties on certain goods. These include paracetamol, plywood, cutlery, welding wire, fittings and valves, AC motors, single-axle tractors, parts for vehicle steering, medical syringes and brushes and vacuum insulation containers. Details can be found in the table attached to Decree No. 2018/11481 of the Turkish Ministry of Economic Affairs. The tariffs only apply to countries with which Turkey has neither a customs union nor a free trade agreement (columns 5 to 8). Goods originating in the EU, EFTA, the Euro-Med group, South Korea Malaysia and Singapore (columns 1 to 4) are therefore not affected. In order for these goods to be imported from the EU without imposition of protective tariffs, a certificate of origin upon importation is required.

Origin: GTAI (German Trade and Investment Bonn) Enactement 2018/11481