The Australian Department for Agriculture and Water Resources wants to prevent the introduction of the marbled stink bug Halyomorpha halys with additional regulations for import from risk countries, i.a. Germany,. These regulations apply to exports that take place between 01.09.2018 and 30.04.2019 and are imported to Australia as sea freight. Affected goods must be subjected to prescribed treatment by heat, sulfuryl fluoride fumigation or methyl bromide fumigation outside Australia.

In the case of methyl bromide fumigation, the treatment must be carried out outside the EU as this method is not allowed within the EU. However, the additional requirements do not apply to new machinery, vehicles and / or complex parts and equipment and goods that are proven to be produced on or after 01st December 2018. Likewise, the measures do not apply if it can be shown that the goods were transported to a non-risk country and stored there before 01st October 2018.

Examination of goods transported as bulk cargo, in open containers or flat-rack containers, must be subjected to mandatory treatment outside of Australia by a practitioner registered in Australia. Goods transported in six-sided containers can also be inspected upon arrival in Australia. After treatment, in the first case the goods must be loaded onto the ship within 120 hours and in the second case sealed within 120 hours.

The goods are divided into high-risk goods and risk goods. Affected Customs Code chapters and mandatory treatment methods can be found on the following pages of the Department for Agriculture and Water Resources. Existing import regulations will continue to apply and will not be overridden by the additional rules.


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