Switzerland borders on two sides of the Corona crisis region of France and Italy. In the country itself, the canton of Ticino is particularly affected by the Covid 19 pandemic. The government wants to counter the spread of the virus. This has major consequences for service providers from the EU.
According to the instructions of the Swiss Secretariat for Migration SEM, only confirmation of registration for self-employed service providers and posted employees of the EU may be issued if the assignment is in the “predominantly public interest” of Switzerland within the meaning of the Covid 19 Regulation 2 .

This includes the so-called system-relevant activities in the area of ​​essential goods and services, medicines and care, food, energy, logistics and information and communication technology. Other registration confirmations and license applications are prevented and should no longer be issued. However, since a confirmation of registration must be shown on entry, it is no longer possible to provide system-irrelevant services in Switzerland.

In addition, the reporting obligation now begins regardless of the industry from the first day. Previously, confirmation of registration for many activities was only necessary if the work lasted longer than eight days per calendar year. The notification must be made before entry and must be confirmed by the canton.
The following applies: each order and each location must be reported individually. If the assignment is postponed to a later point in time, the message must be re-entered. In principle, all reports are deleted by the cantonal authorities as soon as the period of use has passed.

Cross-border goods traffic is also affected by the Covid 19 regulation: The goods delivery note now must be shown at the border. Every accompanying document in which the delivered goods are listed is to be assessed as such. Entries for the execution of transport orders are also generally possible – here it is important that the transport order is obvious.
Companies that are not sure whether their product falls under systemic relevance or need support with the application for approval of the registration confirmation can contact the Chamber of Commerce Germany Switzerland.

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