Having broken appliances repaired instead of replacing them with new ones saves resources and protects the environment. The so-called “Right to Repair” is intended to promote repairs by providing the necessary incentives. The EU Parliament recently presented its negotiating position on this.

Image source: Pixabay

Spare parts, repair platform and exchange

To ensure that more repairs are carried out, the EU Parliament wants to set up repair platforms. These should help customers to find a suitable repair business in their area. The repairers, in turn, should have better access to the necessary repair information and spare parts.

Many questions still unanswered

However, there are still a few hurdles to overcome in terms of implementing the right to repair. These include logistics: how can it be ensured that all repair stores have the necessary spare parts in stock? It is also questionable how to deal with devices from third countries. Last but not least, there could be a lack of skilled workers to carry out the repairs.

In the coming months, the Right to Repair issue will continue to be discussed between Parliament and member states in the Council. Further information and background information on the Right to Repair can be found on the EU Parliament’s website.

Source: DIHK (German)