The EU Commission is examining the setting of anti-dumping duties on the above-mentioned imports originating in the People’s Republic of China. EU importers, exporters in the country of origin and other interested parties should report to the Commission in due time to safeguard their procedural rights.
The allegedly dumped goods are currently assigned to the following CN code: 8101 9910 and 8515 9080.
The following deadlines must be observed to safeguard your own interests and procedural rights:

  • The Commission intends to sample the dumping and injury investigation because of the large number of Union producers, manufacturing exporters and unrelated importers. Interested parties or companies wishing to be consulted or sampled must provide the Commission with all relevant information within 7 days of publication in the Official Journal (i.e. by 25.dec.19), including their name, address, telephone and fax number further information on company turnover, business activity, corporate law connections etc., compare the information (form to be completed) in Official Journal L 329 of 19.dec.19. The parties included in the sample must submit a completed questionnaire to the Commission within 30 days (i.e. by 18/01/20) after being informed of their inclusion in the sample.
    • All interested parties must report to the Commission themselves within 37 days (i.e. by 25.jan.20) and state their position in writing and provide evidence.
    • The questionnaires are available in the file for inspection by interested parties and on DG Trade’s website (see Official Journal L 329)
    • The above. The investigation procedure was opened on December 19, 2019 (see Official Journal No. L 329).