From 1 March 2021, BAFA will issue licences, zero notices, information as well as extensions and amendments of notices in the area of foreign trade law exclusively in electronic form.

The additional sending of these notices in paper form will be waived from this date, so that companies can use the licences immediately after their publication in the ELAN-K2 Export portal.

Exceptions to this are “export licences for temporary, repeated export (export type 231)”, transit licences, re-export licences as well as refusals and notices of objection. These will continue to be issued in paper form.

Further information can be found in the BAFA document (German language only).

To the BAFA document

To the Notice on the Introduction of Electronic Licensing (German language only): afk_bekanntmachung_einfuehrung_elektronische-genehmigung ab 01.märz_2021