Annex III contains the list of third countries whose production and control requirements for the organic production of agricultural products are recognized as being equivalent to those of the European Union under Regulation (EC) No 834/2007.
The changes concern in detail:
Chile is added to the directory. The background to this is the agreement between the EU and Chile on trade in organic products.
Costa Rica: a new inspection body
Switzerland: name change of a control body
Tunisia: change of name of the competent authority
South Korea: recognition was withdrawn from one inspection body, four inspection bodies were recognized, new internet addresses

Annex IV contains the list of recognized equivalence bodies and control authorities responsible for carrying out controls and issuing equivalence certificates in third countries. This appendix is also updated:
• The Commission has accepted several requests for modification of the specification.
• Some control bodies have notified the termination of their certification activity
• Many changes only affect the inclusion of new addresses or websites.

Reference: GTAI News 07/2018 (German language only)

To EU-Regulation 2018/949