Protective spectacles and visors ex CN-Code  9004 90 10

Face shields ex CN Code 3926 9097 and ex CN Code 9020 00

Mouth-nose-protection equipment ex CN Code 6307 9098, ex CN Code 9020 00 00

Protective garments ex CN Code 3926 2020, ex CN Code 4015 90 00, ex CN Codes 6113 00, ex CN Codes 6114, ex CN Codes 6210, ex CN Codes 6211 and ex CN Codes 9020

Gloves for the protection of the wearer against potentially infectious material and for the protection of the environment against potentially infectious material ex CN Code 3926 20 00, ex CN Code 4015 11 00 ex CN Codes 4015, ex CN Codes 6116 und ex CN Codes 6216

Note: the goods listed in the Regulation of 14 March may only be exported from Germany with license from the German export authorities BAFA.(German language only)

Since the outbreak of the epidemiological crisis caused by the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, the disease associated with it, the COVID-19, has been spreading fast across the world, reaching also the Union’s territory. According to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, the risk associated with COVID-19 infections for people in the Union is currently considered to be moderate to high, based on the probability of transmission and the impact of the disease. The virus spreads rapidly within the Union, and might have an enormous public health impact with substantial fatal outcomes in high-risk groups and significant economic and societal disruption.

To Regulation 2020/401 from 14 March 2020: