What are General Permissions?

In some special cases goods may be exported without applying for an export license. The so-called general permits simplify exports by enabling immediate delivery.

It must be carefully checked whether a specific product meets the requirements for a general permit. The Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) publishes the necessary documents in the Federal Gazette.

Favors for Ukraine – restrictions for China

BAFA has now informed about the changes in the General Permits (AGG) that will come into force on October 1st. On the one hand, AGGs No. 18 to No. 27 were extended until March 31, 2023. There were also adjustments to four approvals with regard to the beneficiary countries.

Thus, from October 1, Ukraine is included in the General Permit No. 18 among the preferential destinations. AGG No. 18 regulates the export of clothing and equipment with signature suppression. So far, Ukraine, along with Turkey, Rwanda, Armenia and Morocco, has been among the countries explicitly excluded from this general permit.

Ukraine is also favored as a destination for goods used for first aid in disasters. Furthermore, the countries Rwanda, China and Sierra Leone, among others, will be removed from the list of preferential destinations for off-road vehicles and re-export.

You can find all changes and the general approvals under this link on the BAFA website in german language.

Source: Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (German)