After the last update of the Chinese trademark law in 2019, a new amendment is now in the planning. The Chinese patent office CNIPA has published a corresponding draft amendment to the trademark law.

2019 Chinese trademark law was last updated (image source: Pixabay).

What is to change in the Chinese trademark law?

The CNIPA proposes the following changes, among others:

  • Expansion of the “Trademark Law” by more than 20 new provisions, including for example:
  • Trademark owners are not allowed to apply for trademarks twice (unless there are legitimate reasons)
  • Cases of bad faith trademark registration (e.g. by means of deception) are to be sanctioned more severely.
  • Random checks are to be made on regular declarations of use of a trademark
  • Shortening of the opposition period from three to two months

Comments on the draft amendment are possible until February 27. For more information on the upcoming changes in Chinese trademark law, please visit the website of “Rödl & Partner” or on ““.

Source: GTAI (german)