Introduction of a company-specific anti-dumping duty after partial interim review. After completion of of PJSC “PA” “Stalkanat-Silurian”, an exporting producer of steel ropes and cables of steel in Ukraine, requested and initiated in November 2014 partial interim review (Notice of Initiation -. OJ C 410, 11.18.2014, p.15 ) of the anti-dumping measures against imports of steel ropes and cables, among other things originating in Ukraine, a company-specific anti-dumping duty rate of 10,5% (TARIC additional code C052) will be introduced with effect from 01.28.2016 for the applicant. However, a prerequisite is a predefined declaration on the commercial invoice. Previously documents concerned the applicant’s goods imported into the EU anti-dumping duty of 51.8% (Implementing Regulation (EU) no. 102/2012 of the Council of 27 January 2012 ..

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