The anti-dumping duties previously in force on imports from Indonesia into the EU of hot-rolled stainless steel coils (SSHR) have been extended to Turkey. On April 17, the EU Commission published the corresponding implementing regulation EU 2023/825.

The anti-dumping measure on imports of said steel products applies to Indonesia, China and Taiwan – and now Turkey. (Image source: Pixabay)

Anti-dumping measures were circumvented

The background to the adjustments are the findings of a previous investigation. This revealed that the anti-dumping duties in force on Indonesian steel were circumvented by importing it into the EU via Turkey. In this case, the final production of the coils took place in Turkey, which meant that no anti-dumping duties were levied on imports into the EU.

This gap should be closed by adjusting the anti-dumping measure.

Source: GTAI (German language only)