The Customs Administration has updated the list of questions for self-evaluation in the context of the AEO application The questionnaire is to be submitted with the application for an AEO authorization at your local customs office. It builds on the legislation and the guidelines for the Authorized Economic Operator (Authorised Economic Operator / AEO). A new addition is particularly the section 5 to check the new license condition in Art. 39 literally. D) of the Unions customs code. Therefore, it must demonstrate practical or professional qualifications, which are directly related to the activity, carried an AEO C. For already certified holder of an AEO authorization, it is appropriate to incorporate the new questionnaire for self-evaluation in the existing AEO monitoring with to be able to secure the new requirements for the conservation of AEO authorization. In addition to the questionnaire and the application form 0390 has been revised with respect to the new legal regulations. Additional instructions for completing the questionnaire and the questionnaire itself is available on the website of the German Customs Administration (Download the AEO questionnaire under “Forms on“- only in German language).