Several anti-dumping investigations are currently underway. We have compiled the current investigation proceedings so that you can already prepare for their entry into force. The current status of the respective investigation procedure can be found on the EU Commission website.

Could soon be affected by anti-dumping measures: Indica rice from Cambodia (Image source: Pixabay)

– erythritol originating in China

– Cables made of optical fibers originating in India

– Polyvinyl chloride originating from Egypt and the USA

– Mobile access technology originating from China

– Titanium dioxide originating from China

– New battery-powered electric vehicles for passenger transportation originating in China

– Birch plywood originating in Turkey and Kazakhstan

– Biodiesel originating in China and the United Kingdom

– Cold-rolled stainless steel flat products originating in Taiwan, Turkey and Vietnam

– Alkyl phosphate esters originating in China

– Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) originating in China

– Manganese dioxide originating in China

– Indica rice originating in Cambodia

– Optical fiber cables originating in China

– Bead flat profiles originating in China and Turkey


Source: HK Hamburg (German)