The Federal Statistical Office in Wiesbaden (Germany) has announced in the usual manner the annual changes to the tariff for the year 2017 (Start 1st Jan.2017).
The merchandise tariff has been altered almost in all areas and covers 139 pages in Germany.
Just the usual comparison of the “Warentarifnummern” with 8 digits for EU “at a glance” from 2016 to 2017 required 14 pages (page 140 in the German Pdf.)
This means that it does not matter in which industry your company is located; a look at the contents of the upcoming Statistical “Warentarifnummern” is unavoidable.
As a special service, we have provided them directly on our homepage in the download area in German (here the link).

To the English Version of harmonized systems code (6 digits) click here.