Since the beginning of the year foreign judgments can be more easily recognized in Switzerland. In addition, some auxiliary bankruptcy proceedings are eliminated.
Since 1 January 2019, the Swiss Reformed Law on Private International Law (IPRG) has been in effect. In particular, the amendments mean that legal rulings issued abroad are now also recognized if they have been issued in the state in which the debtor has the center of its main interests (COMI). Previously, the verdict had to be in the country of residence of the debtor. The background to this change is that many countries have started the COMI to open insolvency proceedings and these judgments have not yet been recognized in Switzerland. Moreover, the requirement of reciprocity has disappeared in the recognition of judgments, which was often difficult for the Swiss courts to review.
An auxiliary bankruptcy procedure is now only necessary if it is necessary for the protection of creditors, for example in the presence of pledged claims or claims of privileged Swiss creditors and Swiss branches. In all other cases, such a procedure can be dispensed with.


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to IPRG: Schweizer Bundesgesetz über das Internationale Privatrecht