We offer you training of knowledge which is indispensable for international trade business. Your employees will be trained closer to your internal needs than you will assume to get it at an international chamber of commerce or any similar institution. And we promise you to make the best price. It doesn’t matter how many persons will participate such a further training.

Examples of the main emphasis could be:

  • Terms of delivery according to the INCOTERMS 2000 + 2010 (ICC Paris)
  • Payment guarantee concerning international trade affairs
  • Calculation with consideration for capital investments
  • Risks and insurance of transport
  • Controlling in frame of German Law (AWG) and Regulations (AWV)
  • How to write documentation for newcomers, a.s.o.

These are only a few examples of so many important subjects which must be conclusive respected while performing international trade affairs, notably they relate to decrees of the European community which were ratified into German Law.

Experience proves that ignorance and easygoing minds regarding international trade affairs sometimes leads to predictable financial damage as well as to serious existential threat.

That’s why it is imperative at present to take care for available competent personnel and to keep its knowledge up-to-date.

For your special inquiry concerning training and up-dating your employees do not hesitate to contact us by using the “contact” button.