The Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) issued a certification regulation for plastic products in October 2016. As of December 13, 2017, this should now be bindingly applied. Products that do not meet the certification requirements may no longer be imported.

In order to strengthen efforts in the field of environmental protection, Saudi Arabia has gradually introduced a certification for plastic products since 2016 (No M.A-156-16-03-03). By August 2019, a “Oxo Biodegradable Label” of SASO is to be introduced in three phases for a total of 16 product groups. The affected products are disposable items such as plastic bags, cutlery and packaging films made of polyethylene and polypropylene, up to 250 microns thick. The named products must be oxo-biodegradable. The complete list, broken down by tariff number, can be found in Regulation (No M.A-156-16-03-03) and on the SASO website. Goods of the first phase, which do not comply with the certification regulations, may no longer be imported or produced or offered in Saudi Arabia from 13.12.2017.

The certification requirement applies only to goods that are imported as a separate product under the HS number mentioned. Plastic materials that merely serve to enclose or package the actual imported key commodity (e.g., films used to pack household appliances or machines) are not covered by the new regulation.

If the plastic products fulfill the certification criteria, the “Oxo-Biodegradable-Label” must be applied by SASO. The Saudi customs authorities are under orders to stop imports of plastic products without a label or registration with SASO.

The registration of the products takes place via the website of SASO. Further information on the procedure of the registration process as well as on the scope of the documents to be submitted (eg declaration of conformity, laboratory reports on compliance with the new standards) is available there. An overview of the service providers authorized by SASO for certification can be found here.

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