On 3 May 2024, the EU Commission published a new notice on the application of the Regional Convention on pan-Euro-Mediterranean preferential rules of origin and the protocols on rules of origin for diagonal cumulation between the Contracting Parties to this Convention in the Official Journal of the European Union.

A cumulation zone is an alliance of several countries that have concluded preferential agreements with uniform rules of origin. If primary materials from a cumulation zone country are used to produce goods in another cumulation zone country, those input materials are considered as originating materials within the framework of the pan-Euro-Mediterranean zone and a customs concession can be claimed for it.

The pan-Euro-Mediterranean zone uses diagonal cumulation. To apply the diagonal cumulation system, at least three partner countries are required to have signed preferential agreements with each other with uniform rules of origin. This ensures that the system of diagonal cumulation can be used between individual contracting parties, even though not all countries within the alliance have signed all preferential agreements.

In addition to the updated charts, the publication contains a notification regarding the electronically issued movement certificates EUR.1 and EUR-MED. The annex contains the starting date from which a contracting party begins issuing electronic movement certificates, as well as links to verify the authenticity of the certificates for the partner countries Norway, Morocco, Israel, and Turkey.


Source: zoll.de (in German), IHK Schwaben (in German), EUR-Lex