In an open letter to the WCO Secretary General, ICC Secretary General John W. H. Denton AO advocated for payment and debt relief on ATA Carnets issued in Ukraine given the special circumstances.

Due to the ongoing war, Ukrainian ATA Carnet users and the guaranteeing chain are starkly impeded in the collection and submission of necessary documents. If customs authorities will continue or more customs authorities will commence opening claims to collect documents and subsequently payments, ATA Carnets from Ukraine and their guaranteeing chain may be put in a vulnerable position.

To provide assistance and ensure business in Ukraine is continuing to function even in this trying time, ICC, on behalf of the international business community, requested WCO support in encouraging national customs authorities to grant payment and debt relief on ATA Carnets issued in Ukraine, in line with Article 17 of the Istanbul Convention that allows for greater facilities and the principle of equity (Article 120, Union Customs Code).

ICC stands ready to work together with the WCO to support customs authorities and businesses affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.