To ensure the international competitiveness of the European biotechnology and bioproduction sector in the future, the EU Commission proposed a series of measures to promote both sectors in a press release on 20 March 2024.

With the ongoing digitalization of applied sciences and the use of artificial intelligence in the biosciences, major technological advancements have been made in recent years. This development may indicate an increasing implementation of biotechnologies and biomanufacturing in many sectors of the economy, from agriculture and forestry to healthcare, the food industry, and the energy sector. Biotechnologies could also make an important contribution to achieving the European Union’s climate targets as part of the Green Deal.

The EU Commission’s 10-point plan includes the removal of existing barriers, such as outdated standards and complicated regulatory requirements. In addition, the Commission wants to encourage EU-wide co-operation between biotechnology companies. Another aspect of the planned measures is the deepening of partnerships with major international players in the biotechnology sector (USA, India, Japan, South Korea).

The press release also contains a paragraph on existing funding instruments to promote biotechnology and bioproduction within the EU. These include Horizon Europe, the EU4Health initiative for innovation in the healthcare sector and the Strategic Technologies for Europe Platform (STEP).

A comparison of certain fossil-based and bio-based products is also planned to ensure equal treatment of both manufacturing processes to further enhance the substitution of fossil raw materials.



Sources: European Commission, DIHK (German)