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“In an effort to keep unreliable persons and companies away from handling war weapons and the export of armaments-related goods and to ensure effective control of exports of dual-use goods from the Community, the Federal Government has adopted principles for verifying the reliability of exporters. These principles are intended to prevent illegal exports in this area from impairing the security of the Federal Republic of Germany, disturbing the peaceful coexistence of peoples or placing a strain on the Federal Republic of Germany’s foreign relations.

In the case of export projects involving goods subject to licensing, it is therefore necessary to appoint an Export Control Officer (AV) to the BAFA. This person is personally responsible for compliance with the export control regulations and must be a member of the executive board or the management. The designation of the AV (Form AV 1) is valid until revoked.”


Information on the amendment of the AV forms

The BAFA’s Notice on the Principles of the Federal Government on the Verification of the Reliability of Exporters of War Weapons and Arms-Related Goods of the BAFA and the forms for the appointment of an export manager (AV 1) and for the assumption of responsibility (AV 2) were amended with effect from 20 October 2020.

The announcement was published in the Federal Gazette on 19 October 2020. The new forms are available under “Information on the topic”.

With the amendment, the recommendations of BAFA for in-house compliance programmes (ICP) in the notice and the forms are adapted to the recommendations in the information sheet “In-house export control”. Furthermore, linguistic clarifications are made. These do not affect the previous basic structures of designation and assumption of responsibility.

In future, forms AV 1 and AV 2 can be sent by e-mail to


to be submitted to BAFA. It is no longer necessary to submit the originals. However, they have to be kept for a period of 5 years and have to be presented upon request of BAFA.

During a transitional period until 31 January 2021 the BAFA will also accept AV 1 designations and AV 2 declarations made on the basis of the forms published with the notice of 27 July 2015.


Source: www.bafa.de

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