Hydrogen is becoming increasingly important as a potential energy source of the future. In the past year, efforts have been made in many places to get hydrogen production off the ground.

German-Norwegian cooperation for hydrogen

While RWE has secured the lignite deposit under Lützerath in North Rhine-Westphalia, the energy company is working on more sustainable energy sources elsewhere.

RWE and Equinor, a Norwegian energy company, have joined forces. The goal: to initially produce blue hydrogen (obtained through combined-cycle gas turbines) and eventually green hydrogen (obtained through wind energy). The first hydrogen from Norway could arrive in Germany as early as 2030.

Strong promotion of hydrogen in the USA

But the U.S. is also investing in its hydrogen projects. Thanks to extensive tax credits in the states, green hydrogen could become competitive alongside blue and gray hydrogen, according to calculations. So in a few years, hydrogen imports to Europe from the U.S. will also be possible.

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