Due to digitalization, changing markets and the desire for more sustainability, more and more legal regulations have to be introduced for the European market. A necessity in order to maintain fair competitive conditions and product safety. For retailers, the wave of new regulations means significantly more obligations and bureaucratic effort.

New regulations – more obligations

On its website, the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (DIHK) provides an overview of regulations that have already been passed and upcoming regulations that will result in obligations for companies to take action. These include the Digital Services Act and the Digital Markets Act. Both will require more stringent auditing and due diligence requirements for online platforms.

In the area of sustainability, the Green Deal and the Packaging Ordinance will create additional work for companies. Finally, a customs law reform has been announced, which provides for the processing of goods trade in the area of e-commerce via a digital customs platform from 2028.

Further information on the above-mentioned regulations, as well as interesting facts about some other upcoming regulations, can be found on the DIHK website.

DIHK for less bureaucracy

In its role as the voice of trade vis-à-vis the EU, the DIHK wants to make suggestions for improvement and work to curb bureaucracy for companies.

Source: DIHK (german)