Image Source: Pixabay

In mid-February, the European Commission set strict CO2 standards for heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks and coaches. The draft regulation thus follows the regulations for new passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

What applies to trucks?

The goal is to reduce CO2 emissions from trucks and coaches by 90 percent. The striven value shall be reality from 2040 on. By then, the EU Commission is proposing a gradual approach: in 2030, emissions should fall by 45 percent, and from 2035 by 65 percent. The starting point are the calculated fleet emissions of 2019.

Further promotion of hydrogen

Meanwhile, the EU Commission has established new criteria for renewable hydrogen. The delegated act was created on the basis of the Renewable Energies Directive (2009/28/EG). Accordingly, the definition of renewable hydrogen has been expanded – with the effect that long-delayed hydrogen projects are finally getting planning security.

Converting freight forwarders to fuel cell-powered trucks could thus soon become profitable.

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