The EU Commission is currently investigating whether a Turkish producer Fibroteks remains subject to the anti-dumping measures on imports of woven and/or sewn glass fiber products originating in the People’s Republic of China and Egypt, extended to imports consigned from Turkey, whether declared as originating in Turkey or not.

The aforementioned anti-dumping measures are set out in Regulations (EU) 2020/492, (EU) 2020/776 and Implementing Regulations (EU) 2022/1477 and (EU) 2022/1478. The relevant investigation procedure was opened on July 4, 2023. A result is expected after 15 months at the latest. You can view the current status on the EU Commission’s website.

More details on the ongoing interim review can be found in the published Official Journal of the European Union of July 4.

An overview of other review proceedings in the field of anti-dumping can be found on the website of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce.

Source: Hamburg Chamber of Commerce