The trade dispute between the US and the European Union is getting serious.

With Regulation (EU) 2020/1646 of 07.11.2020, the EU is imposing additional tariffs across the whole range of products.

This starts at 15% for Table I products and goes up to 25% for Table II products.

Anyone planning to import goods from the US into the EU in the near future should find out in advance the exact amount of additional duties to be included in their procurement costs.

The only exceptions to this are some products in chapters 43 to 51 such as furs, wood products, basket ware, paper and paperboard.

Goods that can be proved to have been exported from the USA before 10.11.2020 are subject to an exemption, which must be indicated by means of a separate code on the customs declaration at import.

The additional duty rate applicable is shown in the table at the end of the Regulation.

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Nicola Bernard in November 2020