The 11th round of negotiations took place in Miami USA from TTIP 19.10. – 10/23/2015. According to the negotiators of the United States and the European Union, Ignacio Bercero and Dan Mullaney, market access were made substantial progress on the subject. New proposals have been exchanged in the field of customs duties. There are rates for around 97% of the tariff lines. Bercero said, the vast majority of duties should be eliminated from day one of the entry into force of the Agreement. Based on the size of the transatlantic trade volume this leads to a noticeable relief for the export industry. Furthermore, among other topics, services, public procurement, rules of origin and the regulatory compatibility in certain sectors were discussed. In the area of ​​sustainable development, a proposal has been submitted. Discussed were also further rules on trade facilitation, competition, energy and commodity issues. Bercero stressed that regulatory cooperation such as government regulation in the area of ​​food security or privacy leave untouched. A dialogue with stakeholders, non-governmental organizations, associations and other stakeholders took place this time as in previous rounds of. The negotiations are to be completed in 2016. The 12th round of negotiations is scheduled for December 2015 Brussels.

Source GTAI: News Law + Customs October / Nov.2015

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